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Middle School (6th - 8th)


6th, 7th & 8th

Mr. Blevins
Mr. Livingston
Mr. Sowell

The Middle School Program at Our Savior Lutheran School is designed to provide students with an introduction to the experiences of high school such as changing classes, multiple teachers, and high levels of personal responsibility for organizing and completing work.  In addition, high expectations are put on students to serve as examples to and helpers of younger students, thus requiring our students to accept the social responsibilities that accompany being the “oldest” students in the school.  Making God-pleasing decisions is essential to this group resulting in students who are less likely to be swayed by peer pressure outside the school and in future years in high school.

​Curriculum Goals

  • Religion – Emphasis is placed on learning an overview of the Old and New Testaments, as well as learning life application from His word.  Christian relations between peers, parents and others are covered using video lessons. Additional studies delve into typical moral issues, peer pressure, making God-pleasing choices.  The salvation history is traced in depth through the study of Genesis, Exodus, Numbers, Judges, Kings, Luke, and Acts.


  • Reading, Literature – Extensive reading of classic novels continues through all middle school classrooms. Literary analysis, comprehension, and understanding are key components of these classes.  The computer-based Reading Renaissance program guides students’ personal reading goals at levels appropriate to their skills.


  • Writing – The six traits of good writing (voice, ideas, organization, word choice, sentence fluency, and conventions) through writer’s notebooks are emphasized in this program.  Vocabulary and spelling lessons add to the students’ arsenal of writing skills.


  • Science – The Science curriculum presents Earth Science in Grade 6, Life Science in Grade 7, and Physical Science in Grade 8.  Hands-on activities, computer simulations and demonstrations are used to foster curiosity and understanding as each class learns the principles of the discipline along with the Scientific method.


  • Mathematics – All grades have a basic skills review using our Accelerated Math Program. 6th Grade students focus on problem solving using several techniques.  Basic operations are covered in algebraic form.  Probability, rates, ratios, and geometry concepts are also covered.  In 7th Grade students learn how to solve algebraic equations and inequalities, work with linear and nonlinear functions, practice trigonometric functions and geometry.  All 8th Grade students are enrolled in Algebra I.  The students solve and graph linear and nonlinear equations and inequalities; work with binomials, trinomials, and polynomials; use the Quadratic formula, Pythagorean Theorem, and trigonometric functions.


  • Technology – All middle school students are given individual Chromebooks at the beginning of the school year. Middle school students will learn to identify how networks and the internet work. They will study how the data on the internet is kept secure and private.  They will learn various methods of storing and analyzing data. Middle school students will learn the concepts and use of algorithms and programming in application to computational problems and solutions.  They will discuss how the programs and apps impact society and how to be a good digital citizen while keeping their information private and safe. In MS students will learn the process behind coding and other occupations associated with STEAM.


  • Geography, World History, U.S. History – Cultural geography of the world is studied, as well as the use of maps, charts, and graphs to be able to understand the physical geography.  The 7th Grade study of World History covers the ancient civilizations including: the Fertile Crescent, Middle East empires, Greeks, Romans, African, and India’s civilizations. The 8th Grade opens the year looking at The Constitution, Bill of Rights, and our civic responsibilities. The rest of the year covers Washington’s Presidency through the civil war.

  • Health – Through the middle school years students learn about handling stress, family life, physical fitness, nutrition, controlling disease, drug use prevention, safety and first aid, and community health topics.

  • Music, Choir – Each grade has one music period a week where they explore listening and analyzing, notating rhythm, moving to music, playing instruments, creating by improvising and composing, and singing.  In the optional Choir students learn to sing in 3 parts and perform in a variety of settings.

  • Art – Utilizes an award winning video based curriculum has at its goal to teach every child how to express himself/herself through art.

  • Physical Education – The focus is on team games that introduce students to different sports and life-long activities. Also, students are introduced to weight training.  The presidential Physical Fitness Test is administered to reward and identify those students who are physically fit.

  • Spanish – In middle school students are introduced to the formal study of a foreign language.  After completing grades 6-8 students will have covered the entire first year of high school Spanish and may be able to enroll into second year Spanish in their high school.

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