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Josh Sowell

Middle School Math, English, & Science Teacher

Mr. Sowell has a background in biology, chemistry, and anthropology from his studies in undergrad. He has a passion for teaching kids about the wonder and amazing diversity present in God's creation, both in the hard sciences and in studying His image in people.

Mr. Sowell is currently working on his masters degree at The Southern Baptist Theological Seminary with the eventual goal of going into full time pastoral ministry.

His hobbies include playing guitar, hosting game nights with friends, and working on projects around the house. Mr. Sowell is also a 1st LT in the KY army National guard and enjoys training with his artillery unit one weekend out of every month.

He is married to Mrs. Sowell who teaches violin lessons from home and is the associate professor of violin at Boyce College. He and his wife are expecting their first child sometime this fall and are looking forward to the joys of parenting.

B.S. Intercultural Studies - John Brown University (2020)
Josh Sowell
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